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Business Training

Ownership Transfer

This program is highly personalized and created to educate new owners about different management techniques, change management, leadership development and other challenges related to management succession planning. It helps new owners better understand the business and the market, and the available alternatives to design and communicate an action plan and make effective business decisions.

Leadership Transition

This program is designed specifically to family businesses. The aim is to educate successors about certain expectations and ways to manage a family business effectively. Where to start and how to understand every business area and make the transition as seamlessly possible. It helps recognize and deal with potential change-related issues and challenges, and highlights the right skills and techniques to lead effectively. 

Communication Skills

This program introduces the communication skills and tools needed that helps everyone understand and learn about the importance of effective communication to become effective leaders and drive effective decision making, teamwork and action.

Other Tainings

We provide trainings related to management, leadership, sales, people management, change and others upon request.