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Marketing Services



Marketing Consulting focuses on the 4Ps (Products, Promotion, Price & Place) to better understand your vision, goals and value propositions. We will use different techniques and frameworks to identify your opportunities and respond to any existing or potential threats through innovation and agility.  

We rely heavily on data that you provide and have the ability to conduct market research if requested to help us design a more robust marketing strategy, digital transformation and/or customer experience. 

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy sets a framework to respond to competition, consumers' behaviors and market trends. We will help you manage your online presence, reach your audience, design efficient marketing campaigns and choose the right platforms and relevant messages that convey clearly your values. We will work together to enhance customer experience and manage satisfaction and expectations using different techniques and skills.

Digital Campaigns 


We are a full-service agency. We provide graphic design, visuals, logos, videography, presentations, blogs, copy writing and any other creative/content you need or request.


We design and manage digital campaigns using different platforms including Google and social media. and optimize the use of resources and budget to deliver better results. Analytics is very crucial in the process and rely on data/performance to make any decisions.

It is true that we focus on digital marketing, but we listen to your preferences and opinions and take into consideration your industry, consumers' behaviors and competition before we make any decisions about digital and/or hybrid marketing. 

Website & E-Commerce


Before building and/or redesigning your website/e-commerce, we will explain to you your different options especially if you're using one of the e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Wix, Big Commerce, Volusion, SquareSpace, and other. We will help you choose the template that best represents your brand based on your goals, resources and budget, and offer different personalized services that help you manage your online presence and experience.

Marketing Liaison (SB Support)


Marketing Liaison is a service we created to support small/family businesses and startups that do not have a formal Marketing department or the capacity yet to hire a Marketing expert. Marketing Liaison acts as a focal point between you and us and provides you with the expertise and strategy that you need to manage your brand identity, and communicate and implement marketing agenda. It is like hiring your own Marketing Strategist for a specific period according to your goals and budget. 

In addition to Marketing Liaison, we provide small businesses with other business support & trainings depending on their needs and opportunities, including but not limited to Leadership Transition.

Data & Analytics


All businesses have access to a huge amount of multi-structured data generated from social media, mobile Apps, Google Analytics, CRMs, Sales Reports & other technologies or business solutions. 

Businesses that use such data to better understand their market, offerings & customers can better assess its strength and weaknesses and unlock new opportunities. 

UX Management


UX Management focuses on enabling and valuing UX resources, researchers, designers and design leaders. We put the user in the center of the strategy, design and metrics to under what they need, value and expect and to learn more about their abilities & limitations. The idea is to create growth, respond to market shifts and increase ROI. 

Personas Creation


Creating personas is a great tool to learn more about your target & potential audiences and let you better understand the impact of market shifts and latest trends on consumer behavior and purchasing power. In addition, identifying personas helps you better segment and deliver the right messages to the right audience at the right time. 


Reputation Management

In addition to helping you manage your online presence, we will work with you proactively to improve your brand's authority which is your brand's perceived level of expertise. This method is very effective to show users your brand's authenticity and increase the overall perceived value of your brand.